PSI Inventory System

Wella Successfully Implemented GICA Web Based PSI Systems

Wella Hong Kong (, the famous brand under P&G, has successful implemented GICA web based PSI & ACC systems!

This project provides a unique web platform for the operations and management of Customers, Quotation, Purchase, Sales, Inventory, EDI Integration with Warehouse, and G/L Accounting.

- Customer Management

- Supplier Management

- Basic Data Maintenance (Item, Opening Stock Level, Exchange Rate, Salesman, etc)

- Purchase Order Management - Sales Order Management

- Order Audit and Confirmation Management

- Purchase Goods Stock In Operations

- Sales Goods Return Operations

- Gift Goods Operations

- Damage Goods Operations

- Goods Delivery Operations

- Goods Pick Up Operations

- Purchase Goods Return Operations

- Inventory Adjustment Operations

- Tax, Freight Charge and other Charges in Goods handling

- COG Calculation (Cost of Goods)

- Inventory Stock Reports

- Period Statistics on Item, Sales Quantity, Purchase Quantity, etc

- Salesman Commission Reports

- EDI Integration with Warehouse Operation System

- Invoicing Operations - Invoicing to Accounting Automatic Interfacing

- Customer Statement, Customer Aging Analysis

- G/L Accounting System (G/L, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, Profit/Loss, G/L Listing, etc)

- Reporting Engine to Excel The Forecase/Prediction system implements below functions.

- Forecast/Prediction System

- Target Management

- History Data Management

- Free Zone Management

- Stock Level Alert Control

- Sales MSU Calculation

- Sales Performance Evaluation

- Commission Calculation Management