The CRM function of the customer management of the GICA system is the management of the tracking and statistics of various operations, expenses, etc. of this customer based on the management of basic customer information.

For example: a job list, job statistics, expense statistics, etc. of a certain business of a certain agent at a certain stage. Since the GICA system is based on the B/S structure, the function of connecting from customer data to various types of operation statistics, expense statistics, settlement statistics and other CRM functions is through the unique "Hyper Data Links" of the GICA system. Technical methods. For traditional software, it is much more difficult to establish a connection relationship between such data.

The method of this technique, in simple terms, is to first determine a "CRM operation statistics origin" such as customer information, shipping company information, etc., and then add various statistical hyper-connection relationships (Hyper Statistics Links) at this origin. In GICA HyperCRM system, any data type (Data Class) can be the origin of this statistical hyper-connection.

At present, the statistical origin of GICA HyperCRM includes salesperson management, operation user management, port management, shipping company management, airline management, etc. For example, for port statistics, just find the port data (such as Singapore) that needs to be counted, and then click the statistics hyper-link function button to display the statistics report of this port. For GICA HyperCRM system, it actually creates a "statistical hyperlink" (Hyper Statistics Link) between data and statistical reports.

This kind of HyperLink technology is used to the extreme in the GICA HyperCRM system, such as: various reports in the GICA financial system, such as the company's income statement, balance sheet, etc., the general financial system only displays the total number, the GICA system You can click this data hyperlink on any "total" to display the details of this total, that is, to query G/L Listing on the general ledger.

To use the GICA system, the client does not need to install any software, as long as there is a computer with Internet access, it can work. This article introduces only the functions of CRM in customer management. The various relationships between other data are hyper-connected, as long as the customer needs it, various relationships can be established in theory. In fact, the World Wide Web itself was originally invented for the connection between such materials. Of course, GICA system inherited all these advantages 100%.