Web Base Application

program that is accessed over a network connection using HTTP, rather than existing within a device’s memory. Web-based applications often run inside a web browser

What is Web Base Application?

Web-based application is a particular type of software that allows users to interact with a remote server through a web browser interface. They have seen a huge increase in popularity in recent years, replacing desktop applications and becoming a crucial instrument for small and large businesses around the world.

Applications have a number of advantages over traditional desktop apps, most prominently their portability. With web-based apps, users don’t have to install additional software, and developers don’t have to write multiple versions of the same application for different operating systems.

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Gica Tech Systems

Gica 3GA / 4GA Engine

GICA 3GA Engine has solved the speed problem for web base application. To access 90,000+ customers information from China to the Server in Hong Kong, it only takes less than 0.2 second! This technology have been tested and approved by Chinese Acadamy of Sciences, and Kerry Logistics in 2006.

Data Collector

The DC system can collect data from any different C/S program, not limited to the same software. The advantage of this is: for example, a company has many branches, and different branches have different systems, including the financial system of company A, the ERP system of company B, and the freight forwarding system of company C.

Gica Net Browser

How to install? Download the above file then run it. This will install GICA NB on your computer and create shortcut for you automatically.

eBorder Engine

This unique technology is called 3GA technology (3rd Generation Application). The normal speed of other similar systems on the market is 8-20 seconds. The result data collection comes from the following logistics system operating environment that has been put into actual operation for more than 3 years: 85,000 customer data, and 150,000 sub-orders and total orders (Job) data for systems such as shipping, air transportation, warehouses, and trailers.

Hacker Controller

GICA financial system were officially implemented to provide Extrans branches in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen with freight operation management systems and finance System, and provide online operation and financial data monitoring, statistics, and group accounts receivable and payable reconciliation and management services for Hong Kong and South Korea headquarters.