3GA/4GA Engine

GICA 3GA Engine has solved the speed problem for web base application.

To access 90,000+ customers information from China to the Server in Hong Kong, it only takes less than 0.2 second! This technology have been tested and approved by Chinese Acadamy of Sciences, and Kerry Logistics in 2006. The below information is presented in Chinese.

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Application software, especially logistics application software, has become more and more networked. In other words, if you are planning to purchase and develop a company’s software system, but it is not networked, the company will find the awkward situation of having to change the software system again within 2-5 years. Networked software systems, the biggest technical challenge for software companies is the speed of system operation. The speed of the network software system is the core of the application system in the entire network environment. Without this core, nothing will be discussed.

Designed and developed by GICA Logistics Software Co., Ltd., "GICA Online Application System Operating Speed Technology" (named by GICA Company as 3GA technology), achieves the following operating conditions and effects.

1) The system development environment is a three-level structure, including J2EE, .Net, etc.; the database of the application system can be any database such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, etc.;

2) The operating environment of the system is that the server and client access computers in more than 20 cities in more than 3 countries (or regions), and the actual operation is more than 1 year;

3) The system server contains more than 50,000 customer data and more than 200,000 online transaction processing capabilities (Online Transaction);

4) The network environment is an ordinary Internet environment, no dedicated line is required, and no special network speed is required.

5) The operation of the application software is entirely based on a web browser (Internet Browser such as IE). The client computer does not need to pre-install or download any other software, nor can it download any other software during operation (including the download of similar Javalet software).

6) Operating environment, no more than 200 users running in parallel;

7) Operation result: The speed of client access to the server to query customer information is less than 0.5 second, the speed of online operation is less than 1 second, and the speed of document generation is less than 1 second.