e-Border Engine

After GICA officially announced its 4GA plan (4th Generation Application), it received many inquiries. Due to the technoloGICA l advancement of the plan, and at the same time, in accordance with Zhijia’s commitment to customers, the upgrade of Zhijia’s system is free. Therefore, some research institutions, universities, and existing users of GICA have a sense of the technology and system of Zhijia. Interested friends all expressed great interest and attention to this plan..

There are two main goals of this 4GA program:

1) High-speed operation of application systems based on the Internet.

2) The system can still run after the Internet line is suddenly disconnected.

Regarding the first above, the current 100% Internet-based logistics system achieved by GICA is less than 0.5 seconds. This unique technology is called 3GA technology (3rd Generation Application). The normal speed of other similar systems on the market is 8-20 seconds. The result data collection comes from the following logistics system operating environment that has been put into actual operation for more than 3 years: 85,000 customer data, and 150,000 sub-orders and total orders (Job) data for systems such as shipping, air transportation, warehouses, and trailers. The invoice and fee data are 200,000 pieces. The Dell 2800 server is located in Hong Kong and its network speed is 2Mbps. The client uses IE7.0 or Maxthon 2.0, and the client has more than 200 simultaneous online users in 18 cities including Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok, Panama, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Ningbo, Wenzhou, Hefei, etc. The client computer does not install any client software, nor download any client software (including Applets) during operation. The client's network speed is 512Kbps, and no special network such as dedicated line, VPN, etc. is used.