Net Browser

How to install? Download the above file then run it. This will install GICA NB on your computer and create shortcut for you automatically.

We believe in simple & fast things. We produce simple & fast software - the simpler, the better. Our target is to provide a best web application running environment with many useful apps for network monitoring, network tracing, and web access control. GICA NB - The best Net Browser for running web applications!

1) It is small – only 1M!

2) It is faster than other browsers.

3) No need to set browser parameters. All parameters are already set for you. You just need to download then go.

4) We can control office web access to exclude certain pages, or only allow to access certain page, for example no movies, no shopping pages, etc.

5) We can tailor-made web program/functions dedicated for your business, for example to embed link to other web pages, to monitor the access history of your staff, etc.

6) Built-in apps and useful tools. Already available functions and features - - ping server - tracert network - capture operation screen then email to GICA support team - PC system info - PC environment parameters - PC process list - Other useful network and tools Why good for parents and boss - it helps you monitor, control and get notified of the web pages that your children/staff are accessing ...