Data Collector System

GICA DC (Data Collector System) has been fully integrated with famous Carriers like HAPAG-LLOYD, COSCO, YANG MING. These Carriers feed in Container status events into GICA platform on real time basis. So we have collected the place, status, event, time information of each individual containers. Based on such information, there are much work can do. Container Status Track & Trace is only one of the application. The below information is presented in Chinese. For more information, please contact us at

Adopting GICA Data Integration System (GICA DC, Data Collector)

The logistics system of GICA Company was successfully interconnected with world-renowned shipping companies such as HAPAG-LLOYD, COSCO, YANG MING, and an online platform of "Automatic Update System for the Status of GICA Company's Cargo and Containers" was established. As long as the user has a container number Container # or other information (such as Vessel, Voyage, etc.), they can check every relevant status of the goods through this platform, and can notify customers by means of Push Notification.

Moreover, the automatic changes of these statuses are fully connected with various logistics systems such as the PO system, sea export system, sea import system, trailer system, and domestic distribution system (Domestic Transportation and Delivery System). Every dynamic will be automatically modified to the pages of GICA system's PO system, freight forwarding system, trailer system, and domestic distribution system, which is convenient for operation departments and customers to query the status of containers online, and these statuses are real-time and directly linked from the shipping company Go to the GICA system page instead of the freight forwarding company’s input.

Therefore, as long as you have basic information such as the container number, you can know the current status of the goods and containers anytime and anywhere.

Every dynamic of the container will be automatically connected to this Gica EDI315 platform, these states include:

CGO CY Gate in

DLP Departure from Loading Port

ATP Arrival in Transshipment Port

DTP Departure from Transshipment Port

ADP Arrival in Discharging Port

LRO Loading Rail Ramp out

DRI Discharging Rail Ramp In

PDC Arrival in Place of Delivery (CY Gate In)

CGO CY Gate out WHI Warehouse In(G/R)

WHO Warehouse Out(G/I)

POD Proof of Delivery

ECR Empty Container Return