Ocean Freight

This logistics software system platform provides a complete solution for the informatization of group companies including multiple branch companies for ocean freight forwarding companies.

This shipping enterprise information platform includes the following ten modules and systems.

1. Full Internet version system
You can use this system in any place as long as you have internet access.

2. Complete sea import and sea export system (OE, OI)
Including: online order placement, order entry, booking space, replenishment, warehouse, transportation arrangement, House B/L, Master B/L Sample, expense management, split order, combined order, job card, operation Profit & Loss report, etc. And other full set of functions.

3. Multi-company group operation and group integrated reporting and management system (Consolidated Reports)
Each branch can only access its own data. However, the authorized group leaders can access the comprehensive reports of all branches and even the details and shipping arrangements of each shipment.

4. Online email and fax functions (Online Fax/Email System)
All documents and reports generated by the system can be sent to the consignee or overseas agent by email or fax without leaving the seat.

5. Support multi-language system (ULEE Engine)
The system allows users to select the language of the operation page, including English, Chinese, etc.

6. Customer Data and Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
All customer information can be created, maintained, reported, counted, etc. In particular, sales and operations personnel are allowed to record information about each customer's transactions for other colleagues to check.

7. Data Bridge Module
All operating data, documents and reports can be output to Excel files for data analysis and further processing. At the same time, the system accepts data files in Excel format, such as importing customer information and so on.

8. Enterprise Forum & BBS
As a platform for the construction of corporate culture, GICA corporate forum and chat room system provide an online platform for information communication between corporate employees. This information communication can be within the company, within the group or for the public.
9. System operation and event monitoring and management system (Event Management Module)
This system platform records all operations and data exchanges with the system. In this way, the system administrator or company manager can monitor all the operating conditions of the system, including: who, when, which computer is used, what has been done, whether the result is successful, and so on. Companies can also export this information to an Excel file to perform various analyses on the work efficiency of their employees.

10. Enterprise Homepage Development or the connection between the existing website of the enterprise and the GICA system
There are two options here, one is to build a website for the company, or to connect the company's existing website with the shipping operating system.