Truck & Delivery

Gica Trucking & Delivery System
GICA Trucking & Delivery System fully meets the business needs of various land transportation, trailers, especially China-Hong Kong trailer companies.

This third edition Trucking & Delivery System, which is 100% based on Internet technology, is a product based on years of development and implementation of business systems such as trailers, transportation companies, fleet scheduling, and warehouses. These years of experience include large fleet dispatch systems such as New Zealand Fletcher Challenge Truck Despatching System, New Zealand Police Despatching System, and many medium-sized warehouse management systems in Hong Kong and China.

Users only need to have a legal login name to perform related operations on any computer with Internet access, and no operating software is required to operate the computer. The standard version includes simplified Chinese and English versions, and any other languages ​​can be added according to user needs.

All kinds of data including expenses and financial data are transmitted to the financial system in real time without manual intervention.

The main functions of GICA Trucking & Delivery System include:

1) Vehicle management
2) Driver and employee management

3) Order online
4) Take orders
5) Consolidation
6) Separate haulage
7) Import
8) Exit
9) Entry and exit
10) Warehouse cargo inquiry and tracking
11) Loading plan and loading list
12) Unloading plan and unloading list

13) Customs and inspection
14) Customs clearance and exit
15) Car deduction and deduction

16) Vehicles, bulk cargo and peer cargo

17) Expense input and management
18) Instant customer statement
19) Monthly settlement, Job accounting card, semi-monthly settlement
20) Import expenses into various financial systems instantly

21) Return the vehicle to the factory

22) The job is automatically locked, manually locked and unlocked by the manager
23) Query the status of own, platoon, and chartered vehicles

24) Cargo statistics at multiple operating points
25) Cost and income statistics of multiple operating points

26) Customers check the status and pre-arrival time of goods online

27) Real-time interface with GICA warehouse system
28) Real-time interface with GICA shipping system
29) Real-time interface with GICA air transportation system
30) Instant interface with GICA customer relationship management system

31) Multi-month, multi-operation point data mining and data analysis