GICA HR System

GICA HR Apps is the mobile phone application for HR (Human Resource Management System). It is used by staff and managers. When a staff enters the office, he/she scans on the QR Code to register his/her entry of working office, then scan again when leaving the office. During the day, System can collect staff’s GPS locations automatically via mobile phone. Such GPS movement information can be displayed on GICA Map.

1. QR Code Scan to register entry or leaving

2. GPS Map view of staff movement (if GICA ARE Engine is enabled)

1) It displays the starting location and ending location of the trip.

2) Each blue dot marks the completion location of a job under this trip. When you move cursor on it, it displays detail of the job.

3) The GPS locations are automatically collected by system if the GICA GPS Auto Recording Engine (GPS ARE) is enabled.

4) Trip GPS data can be viewed on computer by office managers, therefore to view many trucks movement on the same map