WMS Redwine System

GICA successfully implemented the wine warehouse operation and management system in Shenzhen Futian Free Trade Zone! The wine warehouse system and the ordinary 3PL warehouse system have similarities and many special features.

1) The data content of inbound and outbound operations is different from that of ordinary warehouse operations, such as: contract number, cargo code, product code, product name (in Chinese), specifications and models, whether to refund tax, number of pieces, type of packaging, number of internals (Bottle), total liters (liter), gross weight (kg), net weight (kg), unit price, total price, currency, country of origin

2) The specifications and models of the wine operations are different, such as: English name, alcohol content, grade, year, packaging specifications, production area, winery name, grape variety, processing method, other specifications

3) The requirements for customs declaration operations are different

4) There is a special operation for wine operations with one cart and multiple orders. Wine will have one cart and multiple orders, which is mostly out of the warehouse. For example, a vehicle has 4 EDI; in this case, the Ministry of Commerce will send four EDI power of attorneys to the Documents Department for data entry

5) The wine operation will have special operations such as mixing box operation

6) The query method for wine operations is different. The wine storage system has a unified query function module. For example, the warehouse department needs to query the customer’s entry and exit date, delivery paper number, delivery order number, wine product name, year, and location

7) The cost calculation method of wine warehouse is different, for example: Warehouse rental fee: calculated monthly (monthly number 1-31): according to inventory quantity X 0.01 yuan/piece

8) The operations in the warehouse are different from those in ordinary warehouses, such as: Operations in the warehouse: After the wine is in the warehouse and before it is out of the warehouse, there will be labeling and sampling operations

a) Labeling operation: Add a labeling operation procedure to the inventory management. The operation process refers to the inventory operation; the data that needs to be recorded are: the number of labels (this value needs to be displayed in the inventory query result)/location ; A labeling instruction report can be issued; it can be created/modified/inquired.

b) Commodity sampling inspection: Add a commodity sampling inspection operation procedure to the inventory management. The operation process refers to the inventory operation; the data that needs to be recorded are: the sampling quantity (this value is locked immediately after being filled in and confirmed, and the quantity being sampled is only recorded in the inventory In the number, but cannot be included in the available inventory), remarks; it can be created/modified/inquired, and a random inspection report can be generated; the value of the random inspection quantity needs to be displayed in the inventory query result and the inventory report.

9) The statistical reports of wine storage are different, such as: wine in and out detailed report, wine expense report, red wine out of warehouse EDI import template, red wine in warehouse EDI import template, comprehensive report, wine inventory status, stocking list In short, red wine operation and ordinary The characteristics of warehouse management operations are different. For more information about this project, please contact GICA Company.