Logistics Accounting

This web based accounting system is designed to be compatible with functions of MyOB Accounting System, the most popular Accounting System in Hong Kong and western countries, as well as the most popular accounting system in China-YongYou (User Friend Accounting System). The below information are presented in Chinese. For more information, please contact us at info@GICA soft.com.

As a system that can operate independently or in conjunction with other logistics systems of Zhijia, GICA financial system has its own special features that other financial systems cannot do. The basic financial functions in the GICA financial system will not be repeated here, such as: voucher generation and processing, voucher write-off operations, general ledger management, generation of various financial statements, etc.

This is just to introduce what the general financial system cannot do.

First of all, GICA Financial System can meet the requirements of Hong Kong's international financial process and domestic financial operations. In terms of functions, the GICA financial system is compatible with international financial systems such as MyOB, and at the same time is compatible with domestic financial systems such as UFIDA. In addition to operational compatibility, the so-called "compatibility" here also includes compatibility of various types of documents generated. For example, Trial Balance has a variety of output formats, including formats consistent with UFIDA. Financial voucher operations, write-off operations, etc. support multiple currencies (US dollar, Hong Kong dollar, Euro, Renminbi, etc.), and even the generated financial statements (such as Trial Balance) allow different currencies to be output in the same report, such as US dollars The accounts receivable show USD and the functional currency amount.

Second, the general financial system Debtor cannot be a Creditor at the same time, but due to the particularity of the logistics industry, Debtor is a Creditor in many cases. The GICA Financial System allows a customer to be a Debtor and a Creditor at the same time, without requiring two customer accounts for a company. This feature brings the unique customer voucher hedging operation (Match) function of Zhijia.

Thirdly, the voucher data of GICA Finance, all operational invoices (Invoice, Debit Note, Credit Note, Payment, Tax Invoice, etc.) will be automatically imported in accordance with the requirements of the set "data bridge" and the Job Date required by domestic finance. Vouchers and general ledger of the best financial system. In this way, the problem of data inconsistency caused by manual input or import through other methods, problems of untimely data, and other problems that seriously affect financial data and financial operations are eliminated.

Fourth, since the GICA logistics operating system (sea, air, warehouse, etc.) is a network-based system, the invoice data of different branches can be automatically imported into the same general ledger. This is very useful for dealing with financial operations such as offices and solicitation points that do not have a legal person status in the country.

Fifth, some special functions of GICA Finance include: Settlement, Same customer hedging (Match), different customer certificate hedging, that is, triangular or polygonal hedging, processing monthly exchange gains and losses, processing exchange gains and losses of certificates, red offsets, etc. Some of the functions are the special requirements of domestic finance, and some are the unique functions of GICA to meet the special operations of the logistics industry.

Sixth, the automatic joint operation of the financial system and the operating invoice. Here, the "automatic joint operation", in addition to the system will automatically generate vouchers when generating invoices (Invoice), it also includes automatic verification of invoices (Invoice ). When canceling an invoice, the voucher will be automatically cancelled, and the invoice cannot be issued or modified after the financial account is closed. These are not just issues of data consistency.

Seventh, GICA financial system can be customized for different customers (Customization).

GICA owns 100% of the copyright, source programs and design documents of all GICA systems. Generally, small customized modifications are free. For special requirements of customers, GICA can modify system functions, develop new functions, develop new documents and New report.