GICA HR System

GICA HR System to use a staff card to manage staff's life in the entire enterprise and factory area, to manage and monitor the attendance, ordering, consumption and other plant services of all employees of the company.

HR System is a web-based system, including the following main modules.

1)  Enterprise employee attendance system

2)  Order system

3)  Consumption system

4)  Canteen system

5)  Access Control System

6)  Personnel System

7)  Wage System

The difference between GICA HR system and similar attendance and consumption systems is the following aspects:

1) The processing capacity of large data volume. The 2500-employee production company of GICA HR System in Dongguan, every day, morning, evening, supper, four meals ordering and consumption, access control, attendance, commissary consumption data and other credit card data, the daily data volume exceeds 20,000 records, which is 600,000 records per month. Before the GICA HR system, the company ran a domestic system. In less than 3 months, the system crashed due to the speed problem caused by the large amount of data. This is also the GICA HR. The main reason for the system. The GICA HR system is capable of handling such a large data volume environment.

2) GICA HR system can be accessed, operated and managed online;

3) The Giga card system allows the operation of any type of card, including various IC cards and ID cards; all kinds of original cards can be used by enterprises without the need to purchase new cards;

4) The GICA HR system allows interconnection with third-party systems including personnel, finance, ERP systems, etc. It can be interconnected through Excel, XML or electronic documents in any format; the way of interconnection can be file exchange, file direct import, EDI , Email, FTP and other methods.

5) On the basis of this project, the Giga system will be expanded to other devices and technologies except IC/ID cards, and will eventually be expanded to the Internet of Things system.

The content currently under development includes:

-Various wired and wireless barcode devices and PDA devices;

-BioloGICA l data such as fingerprint devices;

-RFID equipment;

-Ordinary mobile phone equipment;

-Direct access to smart phone devices such as iPhone;

-Other various IoT devices to achieve the purpose of automatic monitoring and management of logistics and people flow;

-Carry out various statistical analysis on various logistics and people flow data to maximize the speed of logistics and people flow, improve production efficiency, and reduce unnecessary logistics and people flow.

CASE STUDY [2011/04/09 Hong Kong News] GICA signed a contract with a large manufacturer to develop and implement the GICA GICA RD System based on IC and ID cards. The headquarter of the company is in Hong Kong and the production center is in China. It has a history of more than 70 years. The group has more than 2500 employees. In other words, there are 20 million entries of card swiping records every day for access control, attendance, consumption, etc., 600,000 entries in one month and 3.6 million entries in half a year. Therefore, the company has changed several systems in the past few years. In the third month, the system was too slow to run or went wrong or even crashed, until GICA took over the project in March 2011.