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GICA Warehouse Settlement System GICA Warehouse Settlement System

Recently, when one of our warehouse customers ran the GICA warehouse system against one of its Clients, they found that their manual calculation of warehouse rental fees in August had an error of 11.71% in the first month!

We all know that the profit rate of a logistics company is generally between 6% and 12%. If the error rate of the warehouse rental fee calculation reaches 11.71%, this is an "extremely unreliable" level in the financial system. , The consequences in taxation, profit, customs declaration, company budget control and other aspects can be quite serious. This company is a time-honored brand in warehouse management, with very strict management and rich experience, and there are still such big mistakes. Will your company have similar risks? It can be considered as soon as possible to use GICA system to improve, supervise and control.

1. Details of data errors The following data is taken from the August data error report.

Total number of goods: 166 Number of goods with errors: 30 Error rate: 18.07% Total amount: 48903.16 Yuan amount error: 5726.95 Yuan amount error rate: 11.71% Total cube number: 817.97 Cubic number error: 13.18 Cubic number error Rate: 1.61%

2. Error analysis

1) The source of error: manually calculated data. Due to the large amount of goods in the warehouse, the large amount of data, and the complexity of the data (the goods have different receiving periods, free warehouse periods, different pricing methods, prices, etc.), the most problematic is the warehouse The calculation of the number of rental days is incorrect, the calculation of the cargo CBM is incorrect, and the warehouse rent price is incorrectly taken. For example, for a batch of goods, the number of warehouse lease days should be 19 days, but it was written as 219 days in the calculation! This brings many serious consequences, such as differences from customs data, confusion in financial accounts receivable, revenue profits and revenue taxes, customers Reconciliation etc. In the GICA system, the number of days and the cargo CBM are automatically calculated, and there are many controls to compare each other, such as S/O CBM, actual receipt CBM and customs declaration CBM, etc., and they will be compared and controlled with each other, even if there are errors Very easy to see. In the GICA settlement system, the warehouse rent price adopts the method of contract review and contract control, which will not make mistakes, save huge calculation work, and avoid the possibility of mistakes.

2) The data we have compared is the data of a certain customer at a certain stage randomly selected. According to probability theory, the above-mentioned errors are constant errors rather than accidental errors. 3) Both people and the system may make mistakes, but the errors are divided into intentional and unintentional, serious and non-serious in nature. The system has only unintentional errors and will not make the same mistake again after correction. Moreover, since anyone with authorization can access the system through the network anytime and anywhere, even if the system makes a mistake, it is an open error in full view, easy to supervise and control, and easy to correct. Human errors are divided into intentional and unintentional, and it is not easy to supervise and control, and even if they are corrected once, the same error will still occur. This is the characteristic of Human Error.

The above information is hoped to be useful for your company. If necessary, we are very willing to assist your company in developing and implementing the warehouse system and its settlement system. From the perspective of investment income, not to mention the effect of controlling the operation process, it is very worthwhile to calculate the warehouse rent accurately to avoid income and tax errors.